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Textile, furniture, decoration, cosmetics, incenses, abandon yourself to a journey all around the world. 

Our online boutique offers you a beautiful overview of our different products. For a more authentic journey, we invite you to come visit us in our store. 

who are we 

Created in 2003 by the traveler and photograph, Benoît Lange. Images et Atmosphères is an unique location in Europe. Son of an antique dealer, Benoît Lange has always been around beautiful objects, those with history and soul. 

We recreated for you, places filled with magic. 4000 squared meters designed for the most beautiful encounters. 

These areas are to be discovered as journeys. Your eyes will be captivated by our selections. The different spots of ours are : The Zen Garden, The Garden of the World, The Original Chinese Junk, The Restaurant/Bar built under

authentic Mongolian yurts. Here, you are at the tip of the world and yet so close to the fundamental. 

Come, we will take you to the essence of travelling and feeling.


Our furniture and decoration store 





Our team creates only the best for you and will make you travel all around Africa & Asia

Call us if you have any questions  ! 


IA : from Mon to Fri : 9h00 to 18h30

  Saturday : 9h00 to 17h30

Chemin de Champex 1 - 1860 Aigle Suisse - email: info@images-atmospheres.ch


PREMIUM SERVICE AND ITS unique furniture range  

A range of luxury furniture, unique in Europe  with its decoration and design service in your own house.


Free delivery under 24 hours, with the option of a designer to embellish the order in your home

Your personal advisor and the possibility of having a personal shopper

Items of unmatched quality and a traditional craftsmanship

Please contact us for information on the conditions for accessing these privileged services

Phone us at the 024.466.79.06



Event planning  or company housing, everything is possible 

with our affiliate, Ambassadors.